If statement that copies text from 2 columns into one column

Marla Berge
Marla Berge ✭✭✭
edited 06/11/20 in Formulas and Functions

= IF([Revision]@row = " ",(IF([Design Change Order Requester]@row = " ", " ", (REPLACE([Design Change Order Requester]@row,20,20," requested" +[Design Change Order Comments]@row))))

What I want:

If Revision is blank, then check to see if Design Change order requester is blank. If yes, then Design Change Order Requester and Comments (1) stays blank, if Design Change Order Requester is not blank, then copy information in Design Change Order Requester and Design Change Order Comments into the Design Change Order Requester and Comments (1) field.

Once the Design Changer Order Requester and Comments (1) has been populated, I don't want the information to change even if Revision, Design Change Order Requester or Design Change Order Comments change.

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