Visualizing dependencies


Team, I know in Project/program management “Gantt Chart” is often thought as the best tool to show and manage dependencies, but was curious if there are any other methods that are more useful. Most of our projects are related to Digital and Business transformation.

I have seen some examples of network diagram, dependency maps etc. Wanted to see if some one has used it effectively and share best practices?



  • Ezra
    Ezra ✭✭✭

    I've tried to get some of the project managers to look at the gantt and the "driving path" views.. some just can't wrap their head around it. I'm pretty sure some of them are printing out hard copies of the tasks and writing down the dates in a planner.

    Maybe someday I'll teach them that there are newer things than a rotary phone, and that the earth is round..

    Sarcasm aside, pulling coworkers along into the modern age is a feat with no set answers.. Gantt charts are great for certain sets of data. I'd love to see more flexibility with card views.. maybe a tag-cloud style of visualization too... anyone remember the Kartoo search engine?