Updating (e.g. formatting) Sheets - Is there a better way?


Good Afternoon!

I am 2 months new to Smartsheet and enjoying the journey thus far.

Project Background:

I am working on developing a "master template" of tracking Objectives & Key Results (OKRs). In doing so, using the Master template which contains alot of formulas and conditional formatting, etc. Once I get it designed as desired, I plan to develop sheets for each service/department for supervisors and designates to update.


My question I was hoping someone may be able to assist with or point me in the right direction. Is there a better way? The issue I see that maybe there is way for this to automatically update? If say, down the road, we want to add an additional column, formatting, etc., would I have to then go into each department/service line sheet and make these same changes to each. I wasn't sure if there is a way that when you update a a sheet (in this case the master sheet), and if you ADD a Column (e.g. Cost Variance or color coded) that it would automatically update in all other sheets as well?

Another question, is there a way that when you add a row that the formula will automatically carry down or up?

Very much appreciate folks time, so thank you in advance for any feedback or best practices you have deployed!



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    Hi William,

    I think this is a duplicate post, but I've added the same answer below.

    The better way would be to use the premium add-on, Control Center.

    Is that an option?

    More info: 

    Regarding the formula autofill

    Yes, there is.

    The new row will be auto-filled with the formulas if there are two rows below/above with the same formulas.

    More details:

    If the formula structure is the same above/below the Formula Autofill will add the formula(s) automatically.

    Conditions That Trigger Formula Autofill

    You’ll see formulas populate automatically when you type in a newly inserted or blank row that is:

    • Directly between two others that contain the same formula in adjacent cells.
    • At the topmost of the sheet if it’s above two rows that have the same formula in adjacent cells. (This includes rows inserted from a form.)
    • At the bottommost of the sheet if it’s below two rows that have the same formula in adjacent cells. (This includes rows inserted from a form.)
    • Above or below a single row that is between blank rows and has formulas.

    More info: 

    I hope that helps!

    Be safe and have a fantastic week!


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