Using Multiple Forms to fill a single line item

I need to use multiple forms to fill out a single line item.

I'm setting up an account for genetic testing and there are four phases of information I need to collect.

Setup, Registration, Process, and Collection

I know Smartsheet doesn't support multiple forms for one line so I am working on a work around.

I created a separate smartsheet for each phase of information collection. Setup --> Registration --> Process --> Collection.

I automated that for a new line in phase I to move to phase 2. When a new item from phase 2 is added I automated it to move to phase 3.

I can get the information to move over, but I can't the form on the new sheet to populate the last line that was added.

Any suggested workarounds for this to get information from each phase into a single line?

Any other workarounds for needed 4 forms to get a single line of information?

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