Serial Form Submitter (as in serial killer)

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edited 06/21/20 in Smartsheet Basics

We are encountering one or two serial form submitters. They submit same personal information, not sure what is the reason for them doing so. We have constantly warned the one submitter of this duplication, but today as of writing he submitted 3 forms within a few minutes! I have re-checked all forms and verified that every form goes to a designated link upon submission. He is ignoring the next step and simply goes back to the website to submit another form.

Therefore I'm asking this as a question and also as a suggested feature. How can we detect the duplicate form on the basis of same personal information and reject it before it gets to a sheet? I know it takes only 2 clicks to delete a form, only when you recognise the information. Of course there are some duplicate forms beside these deliberate serial individuals.

The question is, is there a rule or alert or formula that can be used to detect row elements and automatically reject or delete/trash or the new duplicate entry? Or simply block this person basin on a specific entry - eg Mobile Number?