I am not able to select a sheet when trying to set up automation to move a row after status change.

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I created a sheet where all of our completed tasks can be archived. I then tried to set up the automation to move the row when the status has changed to completed. Once I get down to select sheet there is no sheet available for me to choose from even though I have numerous sheets saved, and one created specifically for completed tasks, they just down't show.




  • Hi Gerlinde,

    Are you the owner of the original sheet that you're moving the rows from? If you're only the Admin on that sheet, you need to share the owner to your new, archived sheet as well. You can only copy/move rows to a sheet where the owner is present (essentially you can't set up rows to be "stolen" from an owner, they have to see where the rows go to). Does that make sense?

    You can read about this in our Help Center on Automatically Moving Rows (see here).

    Let me know if sharing the owner to that other sheet has resolved your issue or not!



  • I was the Admin for the sheet the rows were moving off, but I did not share the sheet the rows were moving to which seems to have been the issue.

    Thank you very much for your help.


  • No problem! Glad you sorted it out 🙂

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