For Jira Connector, I would like to be able to create Workflows for others as well as assign them

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I'd like to create workflows for others to use and also be able to hand over ownership of the workflow, the same as you are able to do within SmartSheets.



  • Hi Stephen,

    Thanks for providing your feedback on the Jira Connector! When you have a minute, it would be helpful if you submitted an Enhancement Request form as well, since this goes directly to our Product Team so they can track suggestions for updates.



  • Stephen HarloweStephen Harlowe ✭✭✭✭✭

    So, this is not possible at this time?

  • Hi Stephen,

    My apologies, I didn't realize this was a question. Yes, you are correct, it isn't currently possible to transfer the ownership of Jira workflows. You will need to recreate the workflows instead. I would suggest creating a generic service account through your IT team, such as [email protected], to avoid the need to transfer workflows.

    There are currently two methods that you can use to recreate the workflows if maintaining the current workflow owners in your Smartsheet account is not an option. Keep in mind that the account you use to recreate the workflows must have access to all of the same Jira projects as well as all of the target sheets in Smartsheet:

    • Option 1 - Screenshot the old workflow configuration
    • Option 2 - Read and translate the Workflow Execution File

    For a detailed explanation of either option, please contact Smartsheet Support.

    Hope that helps!


  • Stephen HarloweStephen Harlowe ✭✭✭✭✭

    Thank you. Could you please forward me a wiki or any further explanation of this so that I can have the limited Connector users begin to move in this direction, when wf's are needed for other non-JQL savy users?

  • Hi Stephen,

    Here's a link to our Help Center articles on Jira Workflows:

    If your users have access to the Center of Excellence, I would highly recommend that all users go through the Learning Course on Jira before dealing with any workflows:

    Additionally, based on the email address associated with this account, it looks like you are a licensed user on your company's plan. This means you are eligible to book Pro Desk Sessions, which are 30-minute screen sharing sessions to discuss different topics and gain clarity on functionality & best practices.

    We have a topic on Connectors & Extended Functionality (including Jira Workflows) that you may find useful, see here: As long as you, the licensed user, are present in the session, you can invite other members to join you in the call.



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