Approval via a form

I have set up a form for adding new projects to a sheet but we would like this be approved before adding the rows. Couldn't see this as an option on the form so i've tried via setting up a workflow for when rows are added to be approved but when testing it, it was automatically added to sheet because of the form and then when declined on approval request it didn't remove the record. Is there something wrong that i'm doing? A way to link form to automation or a way in a form to set approval conditions? Thanks in advance


  • RossL
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    edited 06/26/20

    @Gillian Pritchard

    The form will always automatically add a row. Once the row is added you can have a workflow ask someone for approval but the row needs to be created in order for it to be approved. If you cannot have the row on a sheet populated on your main sheet before approval you could set up a separate sheet. The form would populate on the second sheet. Once it is approved on the second sheet use a move row automation to move the approved row to the main sheet.