SUMIFS Multi Criteria Function


I'm trying to sum a total using two criteria and it won't work. I can do the sumif for each criteria seperately but when I try to do the "ifs" one to combine the criteria it says "unparseable".

I have these fields in one sheet and trying to sum them in a separate sheet:


Manager (as a Contact field but I don't think that will work so I added a code per manager)

Dollars (AP Written)

I want to add the dollars, by manager and by month/year so I enter this but it gives me the error. What am I doing wrong? What are my eyes not seeing that's incorrect here?

=SUMIFS({AP Written}, {DGA},CODE2,[{AP Written MONTH YEAR},Month2)

Summing only dollars by month works - =SUMIF({AP Written Tracked Range 1}, Month1, {AP Written Tracked Range 2})

Summing only by Manager Code works - =SUMIF({DGA}, CODE2, {AP Written})

Thank you!


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  • Megan.Casto
    Megan.Casto ✭✭✭

    THANK YOU! I was able to remove that bracket - AND use the @cell to specify the month. I have so much to learn! And this was one step in the right direction. =)

  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Wonderful! So glad I could help 🙂

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