Running totals referencing a single cell


I'm hoping someone can help and if its not possible let me know as there's 2 of us trying to figure it out!

We have a single SS that we will use to collaborate with on a daily basis to which one of the columns indicates an employees "status". This "status" column is a single select drop down option. One of the options within the drop down box is unavailable. Were trying to create a separate column that will count how many times "status" was changed to unavailable in a specific cell. I've tried a few functions but the count option keeps alternating back and forth from 0 to 1 depending on whether or not the active status reads "unavailable". If true it equals 1 if false it equals 0.

Were trying to get a running tally to make the number sum a total and add 1 every time the status becomes "unavailable" and then this calculation resets at a set time of the day to be reset for the following day.


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