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It would be really helpful if there was an option to merge cells or to allow text to flow over (and wrap) so that the text could run the full width of the sheet. In the example below, I would like to text in the Primary Column on row 64 to merge/overflow into the columns to the right of it, so that it didn't waste the white space to the right.

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  • Thanks Andree, Product Enhancement Request submitted.

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  • I looked over the internet (Google search) and it seems this request for "merge cells" or "text overflow" has been requested for quite some time ... since 2016. And there seems to be a lot more people requesting that feature than we think.

    Can Smartsheet developpers just acknowledge that it's impossible for theme to create that feature?

    I don't want to disappoint anyone, but this seems to be the reality.

  • I'm the only one in our company using Smart Sheet. I love it's simplicity. It's great for in-house worksheets. But it doesn't allow us to present them in a way that will work for our Clients and Consultants. Merging cells, as little as it might seem, would be a huge step getting there.

  • this looks like a basic feature, and as mentioned by others, many users have been asking for it. @Smartsheet System Admin you can do better 😉

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