Move Row to Another Sheet Once Everything is Filled In

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I am trying to make a work flow that moves a row when the Latest Claim Status is Denied. However, I only want the row to move once all the columns are filled in for that row. I don't want any specific cell to be the trigger as the information might not be filled out in column order and I don't want the row to move until all the data is collected and filled in. I want that once the claim status says denied and ALL the columns are filled out, only move the row then.

I was thinking of making a formula in a hidden cell that calculates if all the cells are not blank, and then the trigger will be if that cell changes to "complete". I believe I am looking for a formula that says the following: "if column A is Denied, AND column B is not blank, AND column C is not blank, AND column D is not blank, then return "completed" to Column E, otherwise leave blank. I will then make a work flow where Column E is the trigger.

I tried the following formula, however "Complete" is returned if just one column has information in it and not all of them!

=IF(AND([Latest Claim Status]1 = "Denied", [Claim Denial]1 = "", [To Date]1 = "", [From Date]1 = ""), "Missing", "Complete")


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