Automated Cells to Drive Gantt Charts


Im am trying to setup a gantt chart for for our production department but am hiving some trouble figuring out how it works. We dont typically use start/end dates but rather work with estimated hours for a project. What ive noticed is that the Gantt chart cant be driven by a calculated cell when dependencies are on. is this correct?

We drive our other charts based on total estimated time to complete a project, say 500 hrs, then assign workers at 8 hours per day shifts and have a column for OT hours we will work on that job.

The formula (Est Hours)/((Assigned Workers * 8)+ OT Hours) gives us an estimated end date. I would like to drive the finish date of the gantt chart with this calculated number while also using dependencies. Is this possible?


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin
    edited 07/06/20

    Hi @Rgioffre

    You are correct: when dependencies are enabled, the Date columns used in Project Settings are unable to host formulas. You can read more about this in our Help Center (see here).

    To answer your second question, this means it's not possible to have the finish date of the gantt chart be calculated by your formula while also using dependencies. Please submit an Enhancement Request when you have a minute!