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Camie Keuck
Camie Keuck ✭✭✭
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Hi All

I have a formula question - I am looking for the number of vacation days to populate when an anniversary date is between a certain date range. For instance with an anniversary date of 03/05/1997, if dates are between 03/05/1997 and 03/04/2002 then I want the value to be 10. (10 days of PTO for first 5 years) For dates between 03/05/2002 and 03/04/2009 then I want the value to be 15. For a date greater than or equal to 03/05/2009 I want the value to equal 20.

Any help with where to start with something like this would be much appreciated. Screenshot attached for reference - thank you!

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  • Camie Keuck
    Camie Keuck ✭✭✭

    Thank you thank you thank you!! Those equations worked perfectly after I added the Years Employed column. 😁

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