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Can a Finish Date be linked from another Finish Date?


Hi community,

I need to link a finish date to an another finish date in another sheet, but the option "Link from Cel lin Other Sheet..." is disabled.

I have no problem linking the start date. The duration column will be updated with the difference between the finish date and the start date.


This is a special sheet where we want to control the dates in other sheets, but the finish date can be changed by the tasks made in the other sheets. So we don't want set a duration or a finish date we need to import it.


If you need something else to understand my problem ask it.

Hope someone can help.


Regards, José Joaquín.



  • Tony Coleman

    Hi Jose, I don't think you can directly link a finish date.  


    My preference is in my destination project I link a milestone start date back to the source projects end date.  Then in my destination project my task is dependant on that milestone.   I've attached a quick image file to hopefully explain this easier...


  • Jose Joaquin Pastor
    edited 01/17/17

    Hi Tony,

    that is a good workaround, but I don't think it will go to fix our problem at all. We need like ~30 rows just for that in the report sheet, and it can grow.

    But is a good start, if we don't find or figure another workaround we have to use this.

    Thank you.

    Regards, José Joaquín.


  • Johnk
    Johnk ✭✭

    Hello Jose.

    In case you haven't resolved your problem, I link the start date and also link the duration.  This allows the end date from the linked cell to match the one in the destination cell.


    John K.

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