Bookmarking Forms on the Mobile App

James Tanner
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Do how I bookmark my forms to show in the mobile app favourites? I know they show under Recents but that doesn't help much.



  • Hello @James Tanner ,

    As of now, besides accessing Recents, there is not dedicated method for booking marking a Form. If possible, please can you raise an Enhancement Request using the quick links on the side.

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  • Ryan Abraham
    Ryan Abraham ✭✭
    edited 04/28/22

    @James Tanner hope this helps

    This works for Android, but I'm not sure about Apple

    After creating the form follow these steps

    1. Email yourself the link to the form you wish to use
    2. copy that link to your mobile device
    3. Open the chrome app on your device (this is not the search function on your home screen, you have to go to the chrome app)
    4. paste the copied link into the chrome browser
    5. After navigating to the page select the 3 little dots in the upper right corner
    6. select "add to home screen'

    This will create an app that links to the specific form you are going to use and can be placed on your home screen.