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Hey all,

Currently our organization has 56 Primary Care clinics in the DFW area. We are trying to create a central location where all the information associated with the clinic can be stored and updated. Examples are who is the Regional manager, how many physicians are at the office etc. I made a spreadsheet in Grid view that people can update if needed. However we have leadership, if they want to do a clinic visit that was a summary of the clinic in a quick view. I know there are Cards we can sort them by, but I am wondering if Dashboards have the capability to have a drop down of all the clinics, and then display all the information associated with it below.

How would I go about creating that on a Dashboard? Is that even possible? The Card View is just a lot of squares, and I am looking at wanting to add more filters, so you could filter by the Regional manager etc. and it would display the clinics associated with that person etc.



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