Populating a Number Value based upon a CONTAINS condition


I am collecting feedback from a series of clients. I am separating each client by their revenue number to show the satisfaction rating for each "tier" of our client base.

As such, I am trying to find a formula which will populate their revenue number value associated with their specific client number.

For example, client #1234 has a revenue number value of 5,678,900 associated to its row. I need my sheet (which auto populates as each feedback form is filled out) to display that 5,678,900 number automatically based upon the client # as it populates into a new sheet. The sheet from which these number populates is not managed well and so the client number value could contain a series of numbers which means that client has more than 1 location for their logo.

I've tried some variations of Value and Contains but I'm failing to find the right formula.


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