Contact List Dropdown - Adding multiple contacts to the list at once

Is there a way to import contacts into a contact list column in a specific sheet? I know you can import a list of contacts to the SS  account but I have 2,000+ contacts that need to be added as a dropdown in a specific sheet (a contact list column). I'm assuming there is no direct way to import the list into that specific column or I would have found the answer by googling. Any good workarounds?

I did find that if I copy/paste the emails into a text column and then convert the column to a contact list, then it adds the emails to my contact list in that column as desired. The only issue is that when I do it that way, the contacts only have emails but not the names. Is there ANY way to automatically add multiple contacts (emails AND names) to a contact list dropdown without having to type them out one by one? I certainly don't want to type in over 2,000 names and emails one by one.




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