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Highlighting/Colouring Sundays in Gantt Chart

Max Must
Max Must
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I want to colour all Sunday columns in a different colour than Monday to Saturday in my Gantt Chart


Just like in the following Image; there are the Saturdays and Sundays with a grey background.


Okay, I got the issue. I also highlighted the rows of the main-tasks and its child-tasks in several colours (Task 1 + Task 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 in green; Task 2 + Task 2.1, 2.2 in red, ...). So it did not show they grey highlighting of non-working days.
Is there a way i can get both?


Take the picture as an example: I do want the grey highlighting of the sundays but also want the first row having a green background, second row a red background, third row a blue background.... But still all sundays grey.


Thanks (sorry for my bad English)



  • Shaine Greenwood

    Hello Max,


    The default functionality of the Gantt chart is such that non-working days are colored in grey and holidays are colored in light pink. 


    You can apply formatting to the entire row, which will paint over the colors in the Gantt on the formatted row. You can apply this manually or with Conditional Formatting.


    We don't have a way to change the background of the entire Gantt chart (it's only row by row), or to apply color coding for each day. There also isn't a way to display the gray over the row formatting.


    I've passed your feedback for these types of features in the Gantt on to our developers.

  • Andrew Stewart

    Hi Shaine,

    I've noticed that the default functionality you mentioned does not extend to reports. It would be really useful to have non-working days coloured in them (I have to combine two different sheets and apply a filter, so using a base table is not a viable option).

    Could you please make sure the developers consider this when they look at the enhancement.

    Or maybe even treat it as a bug? If it worked on a report, then even if rows were formatted manually or conditionally, it would be possible to include some extra rows with no formatting that would highlight the non-working days.



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