Adding a SmartSheet to MS Teams

We have gone through the process to add a SmartSheet to a Teams channel and selected the option for anyone to be able to edit. Is there a way for the non-licensed company users in that team to make updates like they would when receiving an email request to provide an update? We’re having trouble with them being able to open the sheet within that Teams channel.


  • SoS | Dan Palenchar
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    Did you add the Sheet to Teams using the Smartsheet integration (i.e., Smartsheet tab), or did you add a URL tab with the hyperlink to the Sheet? It sounds like you might be using a published URL?

    Also, are the non-licensed users Shared to the sheet in question and do they have (free collaborator) accounts?

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  • We added this by pressing + on the tabs in the Teams channel and added a SmartSheet item. I still get a login button each time and redirected to a web browser which takes multiple tries to redirect the authentication back to Teams.

    I saw the non-licensed user on one row of the sheet where they had requested an updated from them. I don’t believe they have a login at all.