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Nested IF Statements

My nested IF statment =IF([% Complete]3 = 0, "Red", IF([% Complete]3 = 100, "Green", "Yellow")) is setting the symbol to "Yellow" when clearly the statment requires that IF([% Complete]3 = 100 (thie evaluates to true), "Green".


What am I missing? 




  • Jeremy Myers
    Jeremy Myers ✭✭✭✭✭



    You have formatted your % complete column as <%>, remove the % formatting and your argument will produce the correct result.  


    % Complete.jpg

  • Sergio,

    You could also try

    =IF([% Complete]3 = 0, "Red", IF([% Complete]3 = 1, "Green", "Yellow"))

    Change your IF([% Complete]3 = 100 to IF([% Complete]3 = 1. When it's looking at your % formatted column it sees 1 as 100%, .9 as 90% etc.(I believe putting 100 would make it look for 10,000%)

    That way you can keep your % Complete column to % formatting.


  • Sergio,


    As Jeremy mentioned above. You may need to change the data formatting or your formula. Unless you have 100% inputed as a string, 100% is being evaluated as 1 currently in your sheet. 

  • proe
    proe ✭✭

    Hi guys!  Thanks for you help.

    =IF([%complete]19 <70, "Red" ,IF([%complete]19=100, "Green" ,"Yellow"))  STILL didn't work.  I got an error message


  • proe,


    You'll need to use the values 0.70 and 1

    100% = 1 for the purpose of comparisons. Hope this helps!




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