Is it possible to update a sheet by importing a new version of it.



Is it possible to update the information of a Sheet by replacing it with a new version of the sheet.

In our current process, we have daily approvals, however by using an approval request or an update request, requires a lot of effort from the status owner e.g:

1.-Status owner receives "x" number of update/Approval requests on a daily basis (when triggered)

2.- They have to review the information and provide the feedback/approval one by one.

3.- If they miss to provide any information, they receive a new update request asking them to fill in the missing information.


I was looking for a solution to this and was wondering if it is possible to set the following path.

1.- Send the template as an attachment (on a daily basis) to the status owner

2.- the Status owner review the information.

3.- upload a new version of the template with their feedback and approval. (Replace the current sheet with a new version of it)

Any advice is greatly appreciated



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Tania M.

    It's not currently possible to update an existing sheet with a new upload from the core application (it would create a new sheet).

    That said, the Premium Application Data Uploader (see here) can update existing rows and insert new rows in Smartsheet from other applications that can export (.csv, Excel, or Google Sheets) or replace all rows in an existing sheet in Smartsheet with the latest uploaded file.

    Can I ask why they are not working in the sheet itself? You could create a Report that shows the Current User (see here) and filters by other relevant information (such as what triggers the current update requests) so they can easily access the rows assigned to them and update them from there. This would require them to be shared to the underlying sheet, but the Report would hopefully filter the content in a way that's less cluttered.

    Let me know if that would work for you!