RYG balls status with multiple conditions

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I am currently trying to have RYG balls change colours if they comply or don't comply with criteria.

If Column Serialized? is Yes, and Serial number column is empty, then RED, if it has a serial number entered, then GREEN.

If Column Serialized? is No, and Serial number column is empty, then Green. and if it has a serial number then RED.

Above is a screenshot of the sheet. I have added the RYG balls manually as I cannot seem to get the formula correct.

I am building a internal stock system for our branch, where we can track items coming in, but currently struggling with the process forward to automated the import of for example units (each with their own S/N)

Is there a way to auto populate these Serial numbers below each other, If they are pulled in via form submission?

Currently I am using multiple columns for Serial numbers per item, but they then run horizontally across the sheet, and I need them to either automatically become children of a parent cell, or I am going to have to have each serial numbers scanned and submitted individually in the form. Any ideas of hoe I could do this? I have tried looking at Zappier but haven't been able to find the correct option.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

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