How to build a report that list parent and/or child records?

I have a sheet that lists out an Objective and the tasks to meet that objective. If I stay true to a Parent/Child relationship (data in same column), I cannot figure out how to show the relationship in a report on a dashboard.

Example: Enhance Workflow (Parent), Build App, Test App, Train on App, Launch App (Children), when I build a report on the column that houses the data in the rows, I lose what is parent versus what is child and see everything together and it doesn't flow.

If I move out of the Parent/Child relationship and show the Parent relationship in a separate column, I can report on it, but see repeats of the Parent Data.


Enhance Workflow Build App

Enhance Workflow Test App

Enhance Workflow Train on App

How do I show on the Dashboard either:

A - Just the parent info

B - Summarize/group the parent (like excel) and list the children?