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Linking sheets using filters

Pritesh Patel
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts



Newbie here, so forgive my mistakes. I have 2 teams with their own smartsheets in their own workspaces. We are trying to cross link the data. 1 team has its data in the format of each specific product has its own sheet and part of that sheet is a reference to which partners are involved with that product. The partner team has its own mastersheet of all partners. The linkage from partners to the products is easy - a partner will be entered multiple times (rows) for each product (which is listed in its own column). The link from the product column on the partner sheet takes you to the specific product  sheet. The link in the other direction is challenging. We want for each specific product sheet to link back to a filtered view of the global partner sheet  (filtered by the specific product which is a column in the partner sheet). Ideally if I can construct a link that passes the filter in its URL that would be great, is this possible or can someone suggest another solution?




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