If this then that question for building my dashboard.


Hi Team,

I would like some help with my latest issue. I want to create a formula that pulls the name of a project if the column called "feedback received" is marked "yes".

Can anyone please help me?

Thanks a lot,



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Alice Volante,

    Depending on how you would like to set this up, the easiest thing to do might actually be to create a Report instead of using a formula to pull together all the project names.

    In a Report, you can have the criteria be that "Feedback Received" is marked "yes", then you can display the column with the project names and leave out any of the other columns in the sheet. Our Help Center has more information on creating Reports (see here).

    If the end goal is to have this on a Dashboard, you could then embed this Report with the list of project names directly into the Dashboard using the Report Widget (see here).

    Let me know if this would work for you!