2-steps Automation not working


I want to set up a form for several kind of requests.

Once a request is created with the form, the idea of the automation I want to set up is to send an approval email to a first person, according to the type of request initially chosen in the form (this part is working fine), and once this first person approves, I want to send a new approval email to a 2nd person.

But the issue is that once the first person approves, the second person receives not one but several emails (related to each type of request...) . It is like the automation doesn't take in consideration the initial condition (the type of request) when it send the 2nd approval email.



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Ronan Lesage

    Do all of your Approval Requests in the first approval submit to the same "Manager email approbation" column?

    It's hard to know what might be happening without seeing all of your workflows, however I think we can fix this by adding a condition right after the first approval, before the second (see here for information on Conditions).

    Click on the green + sign before your second approval, then add the same condition as the original trigger (ex. "Type of Request" is "Cap-Change").

    Let me know if this worked!