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With in Dynamic View's details panel is there a way you can start to type some of the drop down information to pull up that option instead of scrolling for the right one? See below 'Market' can't type. Am I doing something wrong or is this by design? If by design I vote for an update.

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  • @lewis hamilton - Thanks for responding Lewis I understand how to create a new view, but once your in the view the side panel function is difficult for my team to work in. They want to be able to start typing an it auto fills from the drop down value instead of scrolling through 50 + data points to select the right entry.

  • Whaoo! @Genevieve P - I'm going to try it today. THANK YOU!

  • @Genevieve P switching it from a single-select type of column to multi-select worked. Thanks again

  • No problem! Glad it worked for you 🙂

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