Totals and Sub Totals

Totals and Sub Totals

Sorry if this is an obvious question but I am new to Smartsheet and I am trying to get my head around Totals and Sub Totals.

In our Project Plans we have 3 columns relating to Effort:

  • Planned Effort
  • Time Spent
  • Effort Remaining

What I need is to be able to get a Total for each column in say Row 1 and Sub Totals for each Parent Task. Whilst I can do this by placing the following formula manually into every Parent row is there an easier way to do this so if the hierarchy of tasks are changed the the formulas don't have to be re-copied?

  • Sum(children())

Whilst I have tried using the following formula in Row 1, I get an '#unparseable' error

  • =sum(PARENT([Planned Effort (Hours)]:[Planned Effort (Hours)])

In the attached Image I would like to get:

  • Totals of the children values in the coloured rows
  • Grand total of each column in Row 1, excluding the Sub Totals


  • Can these two things be done?
  • If so, can they be automated so that if new Parent tasks are added the Children formula above, does not have to be added to each Parent row?

Thanks for your help and understanding!


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