Dynamic View limit view to more than 1 contact column

Minh Tran
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Hello- With my current system I've setup, I am trying to limit views based on the submitter, but I'd like to also give them the ability to add other users to view and make edits to their own submissions.

With that in mind, I can think of two paths:

  1. Dynamic View>settings> restrict by current user and add multiple contact columns (Submitter column and Additional User column)... Looks like this can't be done since I'm able to only add one contact column
  2. Create a calculated field to join multiple contact columns together, then restrict by current user with that calculated column (Submitter and Additional User column), but unfortunately, I don't think there's a calculation that can join multiple contact columns together?

I know that I can create a multi contact field and call it "Access to submission" and the submitter can put their own name as well as other users, but for a good user experience, they shouldn't need to put their own name.

Anyone have a solution for this?


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  • Minh Tran

    Thanks Michael! This works. Didn't realize Dynamic View can generate from a report.

    My only gripe about this solution as well as all others currently is that I need to setup a vlookup formula to convert "Submitted By" system column which is an email address and turn it into a contact field. Making me having to maintain a user list. Never had to deal with these type of hiccups in SharePoint workflow :/