Multiple IFs Statement: Number to Name

We currently use numerical codes to denote our teams that are synced from JIRA. Those numbers are reflected in a column which I'd like to translate into the relevant team names.

Team Column:

107 = IT-HelpDesk

108 = IT-EnterpriseApplications

109 = IT-CorporateInfrastructure

110 = IT-ProjectManagement

I'd like to create a formula that reads the team column and turns the corresponding number into the team name(in a new column). Something along the lines of:

=IF([Team]:[Team], "107", "IT-HelpDesk", "108", "IT-EnterpriseApplications", "109", "IT-CorporateInfrastructure", "110", "IT-ProjectManagement")

My formula is incorrect, any help is appreciated!



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