There was an issue connecting

Hi ,

I am using smartsheet-csharp.sdk version When I consume my web application on my laptop and on a UAT, everything are working fine but I am having problem in production. The utility returning "There was an issue connecting" exception.

This is my code:

var   _smartsheet = new SmartsheetBuilder().SetAccessToken(token.AccessToken).Build();

long sheetID = 4566555;

var _sheet =  _smartsheet.SheetResources.GetSheet(sheetID, null, null, null, null, null, null, null);


  • I use VS 2019 on my laptop (windows 10 Pro, 1903, x64)

    create a new c# console app, add sdk from NuGet

    NetFramework = 4.5.2, Nlog+Newtonsoft+RestShart = last versoin

    next step

    //add in project

    using Smartsheet.Api;

    using Smartsheet.Api.Internal.Http;

    using Smartsheet.Api.Models;

    //and build connection

    SmartsheetClient sm = new SmartsheetBuilder().SetAccessToken("myToken").Build();

    // after - get all sheets

          PaginatedResult<Sheet> sheets = sm.SheetResources.ListSheets(

           new SheetInclusion[] { SheetInclusion.SOURCE },

           new PaginationParameters(

            true,      // includeAll

            null,      // int pageSize

            null)      // int page


    get error - Smartsheet.Api.Internal.Http.HttpClientException: "There was an issue connecting."

    PS: in project from git i have same error, RetryHttpClient() and ProxyHttpClient("localhost", 8888) do not work :(