How do I change session timeouts?

How do I change session timeouts?

My sessions keep timing out so that I have to sign in again even if it's been less than a week since I last used Having the timeout shorter than 30 days is definitely a hindrance for having an optimal experience but I haven't figured out how to change the timeout of my account. How do I change session timeouts so that they're aligned with my needs?



  • Hi @Christer

    Have you made sure that box that says "Keep me logged in" on the log-in window is checked? (See here). If you continue to use the same browser to access Smartsheet, this should keep you constantly signed in.

    If you clear your cache/cookies for that browser you will need to log in again (and check that box again). For security reasons you may want to consider logging out at the end of each day, though.



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