An error occurred when I add channel files in Microsoft Team

Amy Zeng
Amy Zeng
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An error occurred(picture attached) when I add the Smartsheet in channel files in Microsoft Team. I am the Smartsheet file owner and have allowed the Smartsheet application to be installed as it mentioned here.

Any suggestion to fix the issue? Thank you.


  • Ben Goldblatt

    Hi @Amy Zeng,

    The Support team will likely be your best resource for resolving this error message and you can create a new Support ticket via

    In the meantime, there are some troubleshooting steps you can try. Sign out of Smartsheet (Account Profile Icon in the upper right corner > Sign Out) and out of MS Teams, then sign back into both applications to see if the issue persists. If it does, clearing your browser's cookies and cache and disabling extensions may help to resolve the issue. I also recommend testing in a different browser to see if you experience the same behavior there.

    The issue may be related to multiple actions being taken at once, such as notifications being sent while attempting to call a sheet. Try taking the same actions in a newly created Teams channel. This may help to isolate the issue but you'll definitely want to reach out to the Support team if you're receiving the error when adding a sheet to a separate channel as well.

    I hope this helps!


  • Amy Zeng
    Amy Zeng
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    Thank you Ben. @Ben G

    I have tried all above but still doesn't work. Ticket is sent to Smartsheet support 6 days ago and yet I didn't get any reply. I guess I can only wait.