Cell Linking - Doesn't Work Consistently


I am trying to pull a column data from a different sheet using CELL LINKING option. However, when there is a data change, CELL LINKING doesn't bring the new data. Note : I am using Data Uploader to retrieve the data with REPLACE option


  • Hi @Tamizamuthan Vedachalam,

    It could be that the Replace option in your Data Uploader workflow may be causing the issue with your cell links. Per the Data Uploader Help article under the section titled Select a Target Sheet and Upload Action, it states: IMPORTANT: Choosing replace will delete all context added including cell links.

    Just to be sure though, I highly recommend reaching out to the Smartsheet Support team with this issue as they will be able to review your workflow configuration more in-depth to confirm the root cause and offer steps for troubleshooting. You can create a Support ticket here: https://help.smartsheet.com/contact/smartsheetapp



  • Hi Lewis,

    Thanks for reaching out. I am using the similar option which you are suggesting to perform cell linking. I agree now the challenge is, when my source data is entirely deleted and replaced. Target sheet is NOT getting replaced automatically and I need to manually refresh or re-establish cell linking. Is is something a limitation of product itself ? OR we have any other alternative solution for this. May be I will raise a support ticket in that case