Newbie question so please bear with me!

As previously discussed, we use 3 columns to calculate the % Complete (which we then have to manually enter into the standard '% Complete' column), which are:

  • Planned Effort
  • Actual Effort
  • Remaining Effort

What I need to be able to do is to create a Summary Report based on the three above fields and % Complete for all Projects - all of these values are in the first row of each Sheet.

Using a Summary Report or Row Report, it does not seem possible to do this. I have looked at the Sheet Summary tab for each Project but I cannot see how I can select these fields on Row 1.

Ideally, I would like to see:

I would be grateful, if someone could let me know?

  • Is it possible to do this; and
  • If it is, how I can do it

Thanks in advance for your help.



  • Jennifer Whitlock
    Jennifer Whitlock ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Nigel,

    If I'm understanding correctly, you should be able to pull this info into a Row Report or Sheet Summary Report. Without seeing the other data in your sheets, here are two possible solutions:

    You can put all of the sheets into a single folder and select that folder to include all sheets in the scope. Then set the "What" to include Column "% Complete" and change that to "is a number".

    You can create a Sheet Summary with 5 fields: Project, % Complete, Planned Effort, Actual Effort, and Remaining Effort. If you link those fields to the corresponding cells (ex. "=Project1" or "=[% Complete]1"). You can then copy that Sheet Summary to all other project sheets and then pull them into a Sheet Summary Report.

    I hope either of those help!

  • OK - I may have found a way to do this.

    I created a column called 'Count in Totals', with drop-down list values of Yes, No and Summary. I placed the value of 'Summary' in Row 1 in this field.

    I then created a Row Report for all Projects where 'Count in Totals' = 'Summary'.

    Whilst this may not be the most effective way to create this report - it does appear to give me the summary data that I need for each Project.