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I am struggling with forms logic. I need to add a checkbox column to sheets and have that box display in the form when a certain person is selected in the Employee/Contractor (Contact List selection) entry. Looking at the logic, it seems this can be done, except for the fact that when I attempt to set the logic and pick the desired person, that person and many others, are not available as selections.

Yes, all these people have existing entries in the sheets.

Why do all of the Contact List people not show up as available in the form design? It cannot be an issue with the Contact List itself since one sheet will display only 3 people, another sheet 5, another sheet 9, another 7, another 12, etc. We have 17 people on the contact list.


  • Caroline Sheldon

    Hi @jb@59069

    Contact Lists in forms act a little different than contacts in the sheet. We have additional security measures for contact lists in forms because we don't want anyone who gets access to your form link to have access to your entire directory of contacts. In order for contacts to be visible in the form contact list dropdown, you must add the name in the "Values" area on that column/field. This action specifies exactly the names that you want to appear in the contact list dropdown the form so you ensure that you know who's contact will be shared externally.

    Once you specify the names in the Values area for the contact field, these names will appear in the dropdown on your form, and also available to conditionally show fields off of these contacts.

  • Rich Stowell
    Rich Stowell ✭✭✭✭✭

    Is there any method to upload a list of names into the Values? Right now I have to do this one at a time - to make the form work for a current project, I have to enter over 50 names.

  • Kara McEathron

    This should be an option to pick, it's a moot point for me, my entire company has the same contact list (of 10,000 employees) and my form is for internal people. Also, there is no added security, when someone selects that box, my entire contact list shows up for them to choose from anyway.

  • Melissa Boehl
    Melissa Boehl ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    @Caroline S. You say this is for security but I believe that more than 90% of Smartsheet users would prefer that the form user be able to select someone from the company address book! We have 250 employees and I do not want to add each one of them to every sheets contact column. That is just absurd! We can adjust settings on the form for security! This limitation is very inconvenient and from what I can see, there are tons of complaints about this. I really hope that Smartsheet makes it a priority to provide this functionality soon!

    Melissa Boehl

    Smartsheet Architect | TurningPoint Energy

  • Leann Gibson
    Leann Gibson ✭✭✭✭✭

    Agree, I have over 15,000 employees and there is no way I am adding all of them to this list. There should be a way for the contact field to auto-populate in a form the same way as it does in a sheet.