Sumif in a RYG symbol column

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I have a formula that returns a Red, Yellow, or Green icon depending on criteria in another column. Red, Yellow or Green correspond to a priority in our work order flow.

Then, in a metrics summary sheet, I have a Sumif formula based on the status (Red, Yellow, or Green). At times, we need to override the formula, and change the priority. This replaces the formula with just a plain color ball.

I believe this override is breaking the sumif function, since when I do a manual sum of all items with a yellow status, I receive a larger number than the sumif function returns.

The column was restricted to symbols only, but even with that removed the sumif does not appear to capture all the hours.

Formula for Priority:

=IF([Priority Lookup]5 = "RED", "Red", IF([Priority Lookup]5 = "YELLOW", "Yellow", "Green"))

Formula for Sumif (I tried two types, one with the @cell mention) both with the same result.

=SUMIF({Production Sheet}, "YELLOW", {Production Hours})

=SUMIF({Production Sheet}, @cell = "Yellow", {Production Hours})

Any ideas on why the sumif will not work? Or other options I might explore to attain the correct sum for a certain priority?




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