Can someone help me get my SUMIF formula to work??


I am not as savvy as I want to be with SmartSheet, but I am hoping someone can help me manipulate this data the way I want to. I am trying to to summarize each individuals resource hours spent in meetings within a certain project. I have created a basic sheet that shows all of the meetings, the meeting length, and then who was in each meeting.

In my example, I am trying to summarize all of the hours Kara Mylerberg, who is in the UW dept, has spent in meetings. Here is the formula I used, however, it seems like it isn't able to recognize Kara's name?

Here is the same formula from the screen shot above:

=SUMIF(UW2:UW55, "Kara Mylerberg", [Meeting Length (minutes)]2:[Meeting Length (minutes)]41)

Here is a screen shot of the sheet:

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