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is there a way to make a sheet wide change of links to another sheet? I have a pair of sheets I use with one being a data collection, and the second is used for creating visuals. I then use both sheets repeatedly for client work. -- just copy the sheets to a new area - rename and update the links respectively.

A mass link update allowing me to update all l inks to a new sheet (just want to change the sheet name/location) all the cell specific identifiers are kept the same, such as cell names and numbers.


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    Can you provide some screenshots or published links to the sheets with sensitive data removed? It would be helpful to know what data you want updated specifically in these links you'd like to create.

    Generally speaking, you can use cross sheet formulas and cell links to update data in one sheet and have it reflect in another. You can also use reports to pull data from one or more sheets.

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  • I will try, might take a while. in the meantime lets see if this makes sense.

    I have 2 sheets.. one I collect data in. another sheet I have referencing the data in sheet 1.

    I make copies of both sheets for another identical project with a new customer, and start collecting data from this new customer (No changes to data collection sheet setup just new information in each cell. But now the copy of the chart sheet is still referencing the ORIGINAL sheet. how can I update dozens of links en-mass on the copied chart sheet?