Sync column changes across multiple reports

Sync column changes across multiple reports

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Random question of the day here

We have 60 product managers here all working off of a shared roadmap.

I built a report, then modified it (yes, 60 times) for each of the product managers to just show their projects

Well, as you could have guessed, after agreeing on a format for the reports and after I created all 60 instances the consensus wants to make a change.

It's not too traumatic to go into each report and make the change, but I was wondering if there is a better way to do this.

Is there a way to create a master, parent report template that syncs changes to any children reports?

Or, is there just a better way to work to avoid this from happening again (and again, and again...)

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  • Hi @Genevieve P

    Sorry for not clarifying - yes, there is a contact column in the roadmap defining who the particular PM is on a project.

    I am super intriqued about the concept about 'current user'. Going to dig in to that, as that sounds just what I'm looking for.


  • Genevieve PGenevieve P admin
    edited 08/12/20

    Oh good! If all the other criteria is the exact same, and it's just the user who is different, I think this would be the best/easiest route for you as then you'd only have one report to manage.

    You can also embed this Report on a Dashboard, and as long as you adjust the Advanced Settings to display Dashboard Viewer it will again filter the results of the report to look different depending on who's logged in (see here for more information).

    Let me know if you have any questions about it!

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