Dashboard filtered report data not displaying for logged in user

I have a dashboard with a report for current user. As the owner of the dashboard, report and underlying sheet, its working fine for me. However, we tested on another user and added some dummy data to the report to make sure its working but they can't see any data, even when logged in as the current user and when that current user has access to the dashboard.

Do they also need to be added to the underlying report?


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @amberman

    It sounds like there may be a few things going on. The first element to adjust is to make sure that in the Advanced Options of the Report Widget you have it configured for the Dashboard Viewer. Then secondly, that user will also need to be shared to the source sheet to see this information.

    See our Help Center article on the Report Widget:

    Dashboard viewer: Use this option if you want the report to display only data that the person viewing the dashboard has access to.

    The person viewing the data must be shared to the sheets from which the report was created. If the “Current User” filter is applied to the underlying report, viewers will see only rows with their name in the contact column.