Beyond Vlookup ... Report?


Hi All,

I'm in a bit of a situation and I'm looking for ideas...

I have a .csv that I import into smartsheet.

It is quite a big file that contains a lot of data. I need to copy some of this data in different sheet depending on a customer name.

So to simplify (big time) let's say the below is my table

I have different sheet, one for each customer, and I want to copy the entries for each customer in their own sheet.

I immediately thought of Vlookup, but this has a couple of limitation (for me limited knowledge at least):

  • it only goes left to right, meaning I would be only able to copy values on the right of 'Customer Name' ]
  • I only managed to get the value corresponding to the first row it matches.

So if I use Vlookup to search for customer 'Example1' and give me the 'Data' on the same row, I will only get 'A' as a result, and never 'G'

My second thought was to create a report for each of the customer. All good here, but I need that data in a sheet as other, different columns are required.

So my question is: Can I copy or import rows from a report into a sheet? or are there other means to use Vlookup (or similar) for my task?



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