Adding Contacts to Primary Sheet From Bulk Upload Sheet

Brandon Snyder
edited 08/13/20 in Smartsheet Basics


I am working on a Huddle Board solution using swim lanes. These are keyed off of a Primary Responsible Contact column with the contacts listed out in the background for selection. Part of this solution will allow to visualize standard work versus ad hoc. To get all of the standard work loaded each month, my best solution has been to have Managers keep a side Excel file of all of their standard work to load. So, a couple of questions:

1) Aside from bulk loading standard work for each month, is there another way to get that into a task tracking sheet?

2) When bulk uploading tasks (done on a SmartSheet that then transfers the records over to the Primary Sheet), I lose the Contact field functionality, and would have to have someone periodically check the Primary Sheet to make sure that all of the Contacts are in the right format; this is supporting Card View visualization. How can I format the bulk uploaded Contacts to show up on the Primary Responsible column in the correct format? I tried using the email addresses and the person's name, but neither spit out the right format for the Card View; I would like to have the person's name displayed instead of their email (though could move to email as the "Name" field if that's what's required).