Can I conditional format specific cells only?

Jena Heath
Jena Heath ✭✭
edited 01/17/21 in Smartsheet Basics

I only want the rows under my "STATUS" parent row to change colors.

If status is less than 0, turn red. If 0 or greater, turn green.

I figured out a workaround, but it's still turning other numbers in the column green.

If I try to define a custom criteria when in the rule, it only allows for specific numbers, not the cell or row itself under that column:

For example, I cold select -5.5 or -9.5, but as soon as those numbers change the formatting rule no longer works.

I'm migrating this over from Excel, and I know SmartSheet isn't Excel. But I want to know if I can conditional format only specific cells or rows. The same rule parameters would apply to the entire row (not column!)

Thanks in advance!

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  • I think it's not possible. Currently smartsheet conditional formatting is limited. I came over from google sheets and i'm extremely disappointed at this lacking feature.

  • is there a way to only conditional format cells with %?

    I have a table that is rated 1-4 in each cell. I then do a countif for any that are 3 or more and formated the cell for the answer as a %.

    I want to only format the cells with a % as red or green depending on what that % is. However, since I use 1-4 I can't say "if the number is higher than 0.74 turn green" because everything turns green.

    Can I make it to only select cells that are formatted to % and ignore the rest?

    I figure if I wanted to create new columns and then move all of the calculations and then only format those columns would work, but then I have multiple places to look at and can get confusing. I prefer not moving them if I don't have to.