Copy Rows Automation Not Firing & Clearing Cell Data

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We are trying to build out a simple employee "check in" sheet that will collect data from all our employees on if they will be in the office, and if so, indicating by a checkbox column. My initial approach was to have a daily, repeating update request automation go out to everyone at 8am every weekday morning (each person has a row on the data sheet), and their response would then be copied to a separate "log" sheet using the copy row automation, with the trigger being the date modified system column changing.

However I'm running into two problems with this approach. First, I'm not aware of a way to "clear" the checkbox automatically every day, which by itself is fine. My second problem is if the person leaves the box checked (from yesterday's update request, because their answer has not changed), then there's no modification, and the automation to copy their response doesn't get triggered.

My first thought was to insert a helper date column with a =TODAY formula, but then I think the automation would be triggered at midnight once the date changes, which is before the person is going to respond for that day.

The update request will go out at 8 am every weekday morning, but I don't want to copy the row until the person submits their update request, even if there's no change.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions!

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