Workflow for Copy Row is not populating data

I have been using workflows frequently. I have run into the situation where I have a workflow to copy a row to another sheet. Both sheets have the exact same columns. I am sure of that because the second sheet is a duplicate of the first. There is criteria to select the correct row. I ran it once and it worked well. The second time I ran it, I received the notice to Refresh my sheet. I refreshed but no data populated. I have recreated the workflow, but still the same issue. Anyone know what is happening?

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  • Susan Hildebrant
    Susan Hildebrant ✭✭✭✭

    😂 You are so right. I had created a column to create a numbering scheme and forgot that it counted as a populate cell. Thanks for your quick response. Now I can start my weekend without grinding that to death. Have a great weekend