Automation - Referencing and Changing Values Between Sheets



I have build a functional, if not exceptionally efficient, UAT process in which individual tests for a product feed up via cell links to a "Master Product Test Sheet". In this sheet the "Approver" monitors the testing and when a test is flagged as completed and automation "Approval Request" kicks off asking the Approver to confirm the Pass/Fail of that test. If it's a pass we lock the row and move on - nothing to see here. If it's a fail, the same automation marks the test as "Failed" and copies the row to a separate sheet - "Product UAT Log".

The addition of a record in this sheet triggers an Automation that alerts the "Developer" there is a new entry for them to check out. Once they have earned their pay and believe they have fixed the issue or the issue is in spec, they can enter their remarks and change the "Test Accepted" column - currently marked as "Failed" - to "Resolved". This change triggers a "Resolved Alert " automation to send an email to the "Approver" telling them to retest and resubmit.

What I would like is for that "Resolved Alert" to automatically update the original record in the "Master Product Test Sheet" with a "Retest" status.

I thought about cell linkings but this doesn't really meet the need for a number of reasons not the least of which is that we need these triggered, logged and traced - without creating more complexity. Just a simple ability to alter a cell in anther sheet when triggered by an automation.

Can y'all help a fella out?