Task SubTask Attachments

My team uses card view exclusively to manage tasks assigned to them.

Many Tasks should be broken into subTasks that are performed by multiple team members, each adding their contribution in the form of attachments.

A very basic example

Member 1 is responsible for prepping data on task

Member 2 is responsible for loading the prepped data

What is a good way to share the attachments among all team members what are assigned a subtask from the same task?

I thought about using the Copy a Row workflow when a child row is created

So, each time an attachment is added to my "TASKS SHEET", the row (with the attachment) is copied to my "ATTACHMENT SHEET". This is working but, not sure how to add a link to the ATTACHMENT SHEET attachment onto my TASK SHEET for all subtasks


  • Stefan
    Stefan ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Stavros_McGillicuddy ,

    not sure about your process and app environment and if my suggestion would work regarding the relation to context, but maybe you could ask all people to add attachements not to a specific row, but to the whole sheet?

    Another idea... Why not ask everyone to use the comments of the parent task and attach their data to a comment with the info what task the attachment relates to. So everyone has just one place to look at.

    Hope this helps


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